Roblox group and clan management

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Simplify your group management

Automate the repetitive and free yourself to focus on whats important.

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Defend your group against abusers

We can detect, prevent and reverse admin abuse attacks against your group.

Push the limits

We help you remove the boundaries between your Discord, Game and Roblox group. Connect them like never before.

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We provide a powerful web dashboard interface to allow you to configure:

GD Shield

Group Defender

Know about abuse as soon as it happens, and deal with it.

Group defender allows you to:

  • Automatically detect group abuse
  • Demote abusers to prevent further attacks
  • Receive alerts via. Email and discord webhooks
  • Revert abuse, restoring your group.
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Group API

Interact with your Group from anywhere with ease.

With Cetus you can:

  • Use our Lua SDK to interact with your group from in-game
  • Use of our prebuilt places to automate repetitive tasks
  • Build promotion centres based on gamepasses, group ranks and more.
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Discord bot

Verify your users, rank your users and more from Discord.

Discord bot features

  • Verify your users, syncing roles and names.
  • Relieve shout notifications
  • Send shouts, rank users and more from the comfort of your server.

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